Made To Last

Using our award winning patented blend, StokedPlastic®, we are able to take water bottles found in the environment and use them to make our premium eyewear. To produce our products, we work with manufacturers that are striving to make a positive environmental impact.

Premium with Purpose

We have taken an ugly problem and found a sexy solution. We give you fully-sustainable, premium eyewear that you feel proud to own and wear everyday. Top of the line UV/Polarized lenses meet frames made of ocean bound plastics that we have rescued to give you the best eyewear for the planet.

Sustainable Style

You can feel good knowing that your purchase is helping to clear debris from our oceans. And, our eyewear is not just sustainable; it's a stylish way to protect your eyes. Pick from many colors and designs to find your best fit, and enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

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