Stoked Plastic


Paying homage to Opolis’ founder’s great, great grandfather sea captain Reuben Merrill, the Champlain is named after the Captain Merrill’s 216-foot clipper ship built at East Boston and running out of New York that sank at the North Farallones on June 14, 1875, where Merrill lost his life. The design represents Merrill's adventurous spirit and dedication to the sea.

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-Champlain is designed for Medium to Larger Faces. A Universally Flattering Square Frame Designed to Fit Round, Heart, and Oval Face Types.
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Offering our take of the aviator look. We created a style that allows for the ultimate protection from the sea and snow glare by extending the sidewalls of lenses. This distinguished collection is perfect for the mountains, the sea and even casual conditions.

  • Champlain is designed for Medium to Larger Faces
  • Made from our StokedPlastic ™
  • Springload Hinges
  • CR39 polarized lenses with 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • 99.9% premium glare reduction, relaxed/soothing eye feeling, true color perception, and scratch resistance, anti-salt water coating.
  • Designed in California
  • StokedPlastic ™ is our signature formula that uses 1 thrown out plastic bottle = 1 pair of Opolis Optics' Frames
  • Our Stoked Plastic collection is made of 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate also known as rPET. Polyethyune Terapthalate is the main ingredient in plastic bottles. To ensure we are helping to leave the planet better than we left it Opolis Optics has teamed up with local rPET manufacturers based in Bali, Manila, and Nairobi to assist in the cleanup of their beaches, oceans and landfills while ensuring that local businesses that are making a positive impact on their community and environment are being recognized and rewarded.
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Color: Shosin Blue